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Wolfgang: Chef for the People

We know Woflgang Puck loves to mingle with his people at Spago and Cut. He shakes hands with just about everyone at the annual Meals on Wheels event. Apparently, he's not afraid of the little people, either. This just dropped in our inbox:

Wolfgang Puck has been in Wolfgang Puck Express handing out samples of new menu items. At first I was like, '"Who is this old German guy asking about food?" And then I realized it was Volfgaaaaange accosting me! He asked me how I liked the items, and was genuinely interested in my opinions, saying that they like to change up the menu, and they need to know what people think.
Then the tipster went on to say that the uber chef looked fit. With Lee Hefter running Spago and Cut, and all of the other Puck-owned pretty much taken care of, do you think Volfie is just a little bored these days?
· Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express [Official Website]