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UPDATE: Michi Leaving Manhattan Beach Confirmed

There are some sneaky shenanigans going on down there in the South Bay. We just got an email from a very reliable source who says there's more to the Michi sale than meets the eye:

"From what I hear Michi did not renew his lease, and his lease ends in four months. And the Blue 32 guys bought it. But there's a rumor that Mike Zislis (Shade, Rock 'N Fish) has done a deal with the landlord of the property and the landlord has not approved the sale to the Blue 32 guys. Intriguing no?"
Um, very, but we geek out on stuff like this. We know nothing about restaurant and property sales (Big brother Curbed, you listening?), but this seems like a lot of tricky maneuvering to get one very hot property. We'll have more as the story unfolds.
· Michi Leaving Manhattan Beach? [Eater LA]