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The Ink's Still Drying on Tatou

In December we reported that Mark Fleischman, former owner of Studio 54 and Tatou Beverly Hills, was opening Tatou downtown on New Year's Eve. It seemed like big news at the time, but we've heard nothing since. Back then we spoke with manager/club promoter Jason "J.D." Iriarte, who first touted his other company (A-List Eventz, which produces high-profile celeb fetes) before telling us more about the mammoth restaurant and nightclub. Now he doesn't return repeated phone calls. But that never stops the Eater, so here's an update:

The "opulent club" swathed in $70,000 in fabric is only open on Friday (salsa) and Saturday (R&B) nights. The static website claims "Wokcano Restaurant Opens January 13, 2007," which didn’t happen. And wait, we thought Hell's Kitchen winner Michael Wray is supposed to be the chef. Wokcano? We called today (at least someone will talk) and were told that it's a "specialized Wokcano?specialized because we have a chef." Hmmm. The helpful "is that all, I'm really busy" person said typical licensing snags have delayed the restaurant opening, and they expect it to all work out this month. Previously, Iriarte gushed about Fox 11 filming the evolution of the space for a post-American Idol, Sweeps-week airing, but if Tatou as celeb-magnet-restaurant-nightclub isn't running at full capacity, why would FOX waste it on Sweeps? Given the circumstances, it sounds like shaky start for Tatou. Could this be the first ever pre-opening DeathWatch?

UPDATE: Just found this on YouTube from DJ Jomama. Say it out loud...yes, that's really what he calls himself. We opted for linking vs. giving you the whole YouTube image'll see. For a look inside the nightclub Tatou, click here. Don't say we didn't warn you.
· Tatou Supper Club gets second life downtown [Eater LA]

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