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ELEVEN Revealed: Open to the Public Monday

Behold Eleven, Rich Grossi and Sid Krofft's new restaurant/lounge in West Hollywood that's been on the horizon for, well, ever. We got a sneak peek in November and the place was in absolute shambles; it's amazing what they've accomplished. These images are from Oceanside Glass Tile, which is why the mosaic tiles feature so prominently in them; but it's darn purty, so why not brag a little. Oceanside along with Wet design, architects of the Bellagio fountains in Vegas who constructed the 10-foot tall water-fire feature in the downstairs lounge, are using Eleven as a showcase for their designs; we expect lots of PDC-like ogling in the future. We haven't see the fountain, but just the description sounds over-the-top: fire inside three individual fountains bursts into different flame patterns every 15 minutes or so, and um, it cost $1 million dollars. Yes. Dollars. If that doesn't impress the post-Grammy revelers on Sunday (Eleven, on the 11th, is hosting the People magazine fete), nothing will. And those fancy-schmancy hydraulic tables haven't come in yet, so something has to.

After the Grammy drunks clear out, Eleven opens on Monday at 5pm for dinner, and lunch begins on Tuesday. By our count, that means there was no soft phase, no friends and family, just a we were closed, now we're open phase. Good thing exec chef Vincent Manna hails from places like L'Orangerie, Melisse, and Spago; he trained well. His menu looks fairly seasonal, nothing we haven't really seen before, just maybe not so much in the heart of boystown: Pan-roasted ribeye and short ribs, oil-poached striped bass, crispy duck confit on watercress and frisee. GM is Patina alum Gary Gotcher.
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The upstairs bar and lounge has a fireplace. There's a stage for DJs and live entertainment across the room on the same level.

The unisex bathroom: Don't worry ladies, each stall has a vanity mirror so no prepping in front of the boys. That goes for you boys, too.

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