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Tatou: Ink Almost Dried

If the Times didn't bury Heidi Siegmnud Cuda's Buzz Clubs column online, we wouldn't forget to read it every week. (It's the closest thing they have to a nightlife blog and always informative; it should be front and center. Our two cents.) If we read it yesterday morning, we would've found out that J.D. Iriarte is in fact talking about his and Mark Fleischman's restaurant/nightclub, Tatou. Just not to us.

As downtown continues to boom, an exhausted J.D. Iriarte is putting in 18-hour days to finish up his new nightclub, Tatou. The glamorous venue at the old Glam Slam is thriving, despite the fact it does not officially open until Feb. 22. "I figured why not make money on dress rehearsals," says Iriarte. "I'm not bringing my friends down here until we have all the kinks worked out, though."
That's the entrepreneurial spirit, making "money on dress rehearsals." But what will Iriarte do with all those understudies once his "friends" show up? In addition to the nightclub officially opening on Feb. 22, the restaurant opens on Valentine's Day.
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