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EaterWire: Burger 90210 Opens, Green Olive Closes, Organic To Go Grows, Ortolan's Media Blitz?

BEVERLY HILLS: A reader sent word (and a menu) that Burger 90210 opened today in the former Solar Harvest spot on Beverly Blvd. in BH. "Mixed reviews from my party. Big burger, but very greasy, not that much flavor and wierd special sauce (like a thousand island but not?). Also people complained about 13 dollars for a burger with fries. Also the wait was obnoxious, over an hour and made mistakes on the order. The fries were good though." To be fair, it was the first day. This guy noticed it a couple weeks ago. [EaterWire Inbox; En Wino, Veritas]

WEST LA: The casual Mediterranean spot, the Green Olive, closed today. Not so shocking, really. [Chowhound]

CENTURY CITY: The CAA suits are getting more and more dining options to choose from: Organic To Go just opened in the Twin Tower buildings nearby, so now they can eschew mall-court Panda Express for turkey wraps. [LA dBusiness News]

THIRD ST/MID-CITY: What's with all the high-profile spots for Ortolan lately? Within a month we get Wireimage, and now Extra? In the latter, note the use of the word "new," as in "this new restaurant." Ortolan opened in 2005. Is this good press or desperate? [Extra]