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The $600 Sunset

Scene and scenery at The Penthouse apparently comes at a high price. In today's Critic's Notebook Leslie Brenner can't get over the cabana tables in the lounge:

BACK in the early 21st century, if a restaurant seemed too out-of-your-league pricey, you'd grab a table in the bar, have a snack and a drink, and soak up the scenery.

At the Penthouse in the newly renovated Huntley Santa Monica Beach hotel, things don't quite work that way: The minimum charge at one of the cabana tables in the bar is $600 (after 8 p.m.). Unless you're Ron Burkle or Paris Hilton, you might want to book a cabana in the restaurant instead.

With only three indoor cabana tables in the lounge---basically large booths with gauzy curtains separating them---we get that management doesn't want cheapos lingering over coffee and a few glass of ice water. But these tables are not at all private, like VIP areas in some trendy lounge. We knew they'd be in hot demand, but really, that hot?
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