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Plywood Report: When Will Kumo Come Out of Its Shell?

Reader FM sent in these snaps of Kumo, which will open soon in the former Citrine space on Melrose. A couple months ago we found out that former SBEer Daniela Danilovic is in charge of the Japanese-inspired spot, with Michael Ovitz serving as, we assume, the wallet. We emailed Daniela for more information, like an opening date, concept, designer, etc. Help us decipher her response:

We have not altered our opening schedule, although we will not announce it but rather let people decide when it is time for our reputation to spread; we will work hard to earn our reputation, and if we succeed in surpassing our guests' expectations we will have accomplished great goals.
Ok, yes, great. But when are you opening? We'll assume that since it was March, they're still looking at opening this month. But things look so...tattered...and there's a headhunter sign in the window, so they're obviously not fully staffed. This calls for all eyes and ears on deck. Let the intel gathering begin.
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