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Week in Reviews: Celadon, Chicken Itza, Il Capriccio, Tokyo Table and MORE!

There's something about Celadon's Galerie Culinaire worldly cuisine that we thought wouldn't work for S. Irene Virbila. Instead, she threw us for a loop and gave the new restaurant in the old Yi Cuisine space some praise. But then, there's always that one thing that gets her; just one little detail that can shave an entire star off the experience:

Israeli-born, Japan-raised and U.S.-trained, chef Danny Elmaleh knows a thing or two about fusion. Over several meals at Celadon, I've discovered the best strategy is to eat mezze-style. Cover the table with appetizers and nibble away. That's where Elmaleh shows his best stuff and where he breaks new ground with his very personal fusion.

Service is generally good, except for the usual water torture. That would be when a server fills glasses to the brim, obviously hoping that a single bottle won't make it all the way around the table. You could easily end up with two waters at $7 each on your bill before you've ever taken a bite.

The "water torture" coupled with not-so-interesting entrees leaves Celadon at one-and-a-half stars and nothing more. [LAT]

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