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You Need a Lot of Tomatoes to Make Ketchup: Tara Reid, Restaurant Investor

We know that a slew of former That 70's Show actors are investors in the Dolce Group restaurants like Dolce Enoteca and Geisha House---Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderrama---but how did Tara Reid get in on Ketchup? Who knew she had that much cash? From Splash News:

To supplement her ever-shrinking royalty checks from American Pie and Van Wilder, hard partying actress Tara Reid is opening her very own fast-food restaurant out here in Los Angeles named “Ketchup,” with doors slated to open march 31st.

Some menu highlights are sure to be tequila-lime chicken, penne ala vodka, Jack Daniels glazed steak, and beer-battered fish ‘n chips. No word if customers will be able to receive discounted lipo-suction with their 12th purchase.

Ok ok ok. First, this paparazzi website doesn't employ copyeditors or fact-checkers (we have a feeling there will be nothing fast about the food at Ketchup), and getting past the fact that we'll have to wrestle Reid for every bottle of booze in the joint...the opening date is now March 31? The final casting call is today, which leaves about two weeks or less for training. Training the staff to say "No more margaritas, Ms. Reid" with some authority will take at least six, tops.
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