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EaterWire: Johnnie's Justice, Pinkberry at the Farmers Market, Il Cielo Not Selling and MORE!

DOWNEYThe dude who took out the Googie landmark Johnnie's Broiler with a bulldozer is in trou-ou-ou-ble. According to the Press Telegram, he's been taken into custody and five misdemeanor criminal charges have been filed against him. [Curbed LA]

FAIRFAX AND THIRD—Pinkberry onslaught continues: "I don't think anyone cares anymore, but there's a Pinkberry opening at the Farmers Market." Au contraire, mon ami. Everyone cares. [EaterWire Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS—After our last Name That Venue announced "LA's most romantic restaurant" was up for sale, and you/we/us guessed it to be Il Cielo, we heard from an Il Cielo staffer who said her romantic restaurant is not on the market unless the sultan of something something wanted to buy it (we lost the email?sorry). [EaterWire Inbox]

PLAYA DEL REY/CULVER CITY—We're told the owners of The Brig and Beechwood bought the Marina Room in Playa del Rey: "We are all waiting to see what develops at the old La Marina spot. Playa is sort of a throwback as you all know and anything new is highly scrutinized." The same crew bought the Alibi Room in Culver City and are adding a patio and bar right across the street from this development project. [EaterWire Inbox]