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Spending Like a Russian Czar at Romanov

People were complaining about a $15 hot dog, try a $100 pot of tea. A reader sent word about his first-night experience at Mikayel Israyelyan's new Russian-themed Romanov Restaurant + Lounge in Studio City, which just opened last weekend:

Beautiful space, interesting menu, but a little shy on diversity of items. There is still a little construction going on in the two private dining rooms they have, and the construction going on downstairs makes it look like the restaurant still isn't finished. Apparently, they're opening another Prana Cafe in the downstairs spot, and they will also have a Russian Tea Room. The manager was telling me about some tea -- the world's most expensive apparently -- that will be served in a teapot that is from the czar's palace in Russia, at around $100/pot. You can also buy a $2500 bottle of vodka from their selection of Russian-only vodkas, it comes in a "souvenir" egg with a crystal decanter and gold-embossed shot glasses.
Including tax, tip, and valet, we might be able to get out for around $3400.
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