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Eater LA's Worst Tables

When it comes to getting the best seat in the house at any restaurant, there's probably a small population that actually gets it. We assume it's reserved for high rollers, head honchos, Industry heavyweights. The rest of us---and when we say us, we really mean us---get stuck with whatever's left. Then of course, there are the unlucky few who get the worst table, the one by the bathrooms, by the door when it dips below 50 degrees, by the server station, near the radio speakers, under the one light that shines the brightest. There's always a "worst table," and Michael Cimarusti's Providence is one of the first restaurants to actually admit it: When you call to make reservations for "the worst table in the house" at the seafood spot, which in this case is table #7 for two, you'll receive a 10% discount on dinner for two. (First come, first served. Table #7 for two only. Offer subject to availability.)

We love this idea. So we want to know what you think the worst table is in the LA dining scene. That two-top in the middle of Mozza's banquette that's almost impossible to gracefully slip into when it's packed? The five-top that blocks the path to the bathroom at Table 8? Let us know; bonus points for funny/himiliating/angry stories. We can't offer 10% off anything, but maybe we can buy you a glass of wine somewhere down the line. We will, however, compile a handy dandy list for everyone to see.