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West Coast EXCLUSIVE: 2007 Beard Awards Nominees Announced, LA Barely Represents

Our brothas from another city, Eater NY, lists the James Beard Awards nominees, which were announced this morning in New York. In this, the Oscars of the food world, NYC, San Francisco and Chicago have tons to celebrate; Southern California and Vegas are left in the global-warming-drought dust. The most shocking thing: No Nancy, no Batali, no Mozza---except for restaurant "graphics"---the one restaurant that had everyone buzzing in 2006. We'll highlight the local picks, but find all the nominees (before it's officially announced on the James Beard website) here and here.

Best New Restaurant
Cut, Beverly Hills
Restaurant guy Savoy, Las Vegas

Outstanding Restaurant Graphics
Pizzeria Mozza, Memo Productions

Outstanding Chef Award
Lee Hefter, Spago

Outstanding Wine Service
Picasso, Las Vegas

MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award
Jesse Katz, Los Angeles Magazine, "Wheels of Fortune" (10/06)

Newspaper or Magazine Restaurant Review or Critique
Brad A. Johnson, Angeleno, Food Drink Review: “Wilshire”, “Cut”, “Katsuya” (1/06, 9/06, 10/06)

Patric Kuh, Los Angeles Magazine, “Beyond Sushi”, “Small Order”, “Beefed Up” (3/06, 9/06, 11/06)

The full nominee list is now posted here.
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