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EaterWire: Bridge the new Hyde?, 5 X 5 Dinners, LA's Best Sushi, and Eater LA on "Good Food"

(1) WEST HOLLYWOOD: We heard that Bridge, Koi's Italian sister, underwent a redesign, but at the time, changes were still under wraps. The restaurant is open now, and we're told it's not much different: "You wouldn't really notice it if you've been here before," but the colors are different. The lounge is still undergoing changes, but should open next week. Another reader suggested it's going to be more like Hyde because one of the owners wanted his own ultra-exclusive-impossible-to-get-in club. [EaterWire Inbox]

(2) LOS ANGELES: The next hot dining ticket: 5 X 5 Dinners. Five chefs, five restaurants, five prix fixe meals. It's all about the bonding and a good cause: $20 from each reservation will go to a (yet unnamed) charity for autism. The five chefs---Michael Cimarusti, Christophe Eme, David LeFevre, Josiah Citrin, and Angelo Auriana---will go to one of the others restaurant and each prepare a course for the five-course meal. The dates are April 30 (Providence), May 23 (Ortolan), July 1 (Water Grill), July 29 (Melisse), and Aug. 26 (Valentino). We suggest calling each restaurant for reservations. [EaterWire Inbox]

(3) AROUND TOWN: Our pals at Gridskipper asked some of LA's food writers, bloggers, chefs, and managers to divulge their favorite sushi spots. The Knife's Dana Harris, Eating L.A.'s Pat Saperstein, chef Warren Schwartz from Whist, and yep, yours truly are just a few who weigh in. [Gridskipper]

(4) MORE SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION: Intersted in a little Vegas gossip? Catch Eater LA editor (moi) Lesley Balla, on KCRW's Good Food program this Saturday, March 3, 11am, chatting with hostess Evan Kleiman about dining in Sin City. No $9.99 buffets for me, I'll tell you that much. Other guests include Jonathan Gold, and Jennifer Steinhauer, who talks about the dark side of Pinkberry. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, check out Evan's new video podcasts from the farmer's markets, which we think gives the Food Network a run for its money. Ah, we love media convergence. [EaterWire]