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Dish: Eleven, the Kitchens Mao and Sawtelle, and Elite Restaurant

Here's what's fresh, what's new, what's happening in the land of restaurant openings this week. Got something to report? Drop us a line.

(1) WEST HOLLYWOOD: Sid Krofft's Eleven restaurant and nightclub officially opened the day after the Grammys, but it sounds like kinks still need smoothed out. One spy reports that it's hard to tell it's a restaurant when you walk in because the dining room is upstairs, but mostly because the staff didn't even mention the restaurant when he entered. Hours are still being tweaked (only open for lunch Wed-Fri instead of every day; dinner served nightly) and entertainment only happens on the weekends at 11pm. About that entertainment? Two words: aerial. show. [EaterWire Inbox]

(2) MELROSE/HOLLYWOOD: Reports are trickling in for Mao's Kitchen, which finally opened its second outpost on Melrose a few weeks ago. The mural on the side of the building intrigued neighbors for months. [Chowhound; Eater LA]

(3) SAWTELLE/WEST LA: The sometimes controversial, diminutive Sawtelle Kitchen reopened on Feb. 20 with a lot more space, a larger patio, and the meatloaf that people either rave about or despise. Either way, people seem to be happy it's back in business. [Eater LA; Chowhound]

(4) MONTEREY PARK: New Concept Chinese restaurant in the SGV (San Gabriel Valley), known for its quality dim sum, closed up shop but reopened as Elite Restaurant, a very similar Chinese restaurant specializing in dim sum. Hmmm? [Chowhound]