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Eating Sushi Off of Naked Girls at Hadaka

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From Vimeo

Now that we have your attention...Hadaka Sushi, the overtly sexual new Sunset Strip sushi spot, had its opening party on Sunday night. We recieved the invitation a few weeks ago--complete with naked woman silhouette logo, a la trucker mud flap---but sadly, we missed. Eddie Lin from Deep End Dining not only went, but he took a video camera too! Watch Eddie move through the evening, eating sushi off of naked girls while his camera looked at their faces and he looked at their...lotus flowers. Scantily clad servers semi-trained in the art of flirtation talk with that bordello lilt, even the poor girl who wants to be a chef but is stuck discussing the mouthfeel of a tempura-fried roll. Others have a natural flair: "These are our fried balls!" Looks like fun, but we'll take our sushi from a plate, not a banana-leaf strewn woman (which we think was just for the party, not a regular feature). Lin is very enthusiastic, so much so that the video ends the only way it can: Reaching for a bottle of Tylenol the next day. Hadaka opens to the public on March 25.
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