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EXCLUSIVE: Yu Restaurant is Now Montana Lounge

A little PR prodding and we finally have official word about the shuttered Yu Restaurant & Lounge. Yu is now the Montana Lounge, which will open on Tuesday March 27. Other details: gone is the Asian theme, now more contemporary, with chocolate browns and other earthy colors, lots of couches and banquettes; mostly lounge with a small menu ("mini burgers, pizzas, calamari"). Basically SBE didn't want to let a good location go to waste, and a new concept isn't fully realized for the space yet, so for the interim (read: summer), Montana Lounge will be open from 4:30pm to 2am, Tuesday through Saturday. Around the same time the official call came to us, our covert operator walked by the lounge (yet again) this afternoon and talked to a guy who "looked like he was in charge"; in-charge guy hopes to be open by this weekend.
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