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BREAKING!! Ketchup Opens Tonight

For lovers of all things condiment: Ketchup, the Dolce Group's new American eatery, opens tonight. We found out about Tara Reid's involvement last week, and word spread like wildfire. But someone's un-fact checked story has circulated through all the gossip sites, and the world now thinks that Ketchup is a "fast food" restaurant that opens on March 31. Wrong and wrong. Fast food conjures up images of drive-thrus and bendy straws. Ketchup is on the second floor of the Sunset Millennium complex, above Caffe Primo, just east of Sunset Plaza. $25 sloppy Joes can't possibly be fast. The description on Open Table (taking reservations as we speak):

Ketchup recasts the tired, boring and predictable typical American grill as something young, vital and completely new. Using fresh and high-quality seasonal ingredients, the restaurant serves up its own brand of classic American cuisine and steaks that cater to a hip and sophisticated clientele.
The menu is still under wraps, but we envision lots of burger choices, fries, and strawberry shakes...spiked with tequila. We hope Tara is as excited as we are.
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