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Eater Investigative Services Report: Movement at Yu Restaurant & Lounge

We've been inundated with developments about SBE's previously shuttered Yu Restaurant & Lounge on Montana Avenue in SM. You may recall that the space closed last year, and SBE's people had none to few details. Some on-the-street intel, including recent updates, has surfaced at EIS headquarters:

Monday, 3/12, 3:03pm: "I don't have many details for you but... I walk by Yu on Montana nearly every day. For months, the only change I noticed at Yu was a steady increase in the quantity of pigeon poop accumulating outside on the sidewalk. Today I walked by and noticed the shutters off the windows, chairs and tables in the parking long, action inside and a worker hosing off the sidewalk."

Tuesday, 3/20, 2:39pm: "I just walked by the restaurant formerly known as Yu and predict that it will be opening sooner than later. Looks like they're not remodeling the space, just redecorating. As I passed, sleek new couches were being put in place and the bar top was filled with clean glassware. And they finally removed the Yu from the sign outside."

Tuesday, 3/20, 4:38pm: "I just went out to get coffee and once again, walked by Yu. Update is: Asian-y hanging fixtures replaced by hanging spots. Long banquette installed along wall. Drapery installed behind banquette. I don't know much about the restaurant business but I'm betting they are within a week or two of opening. And still no name outside."

Wednesday, 3/21, 10:29am: (A second source) "I walked by Yu on Montana and it looked open... you should check it out."

We're told by SBE's people that whatever's happening at Yu is still unnamed and a "temporary, short-term thing." Story developing.
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