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EaterWire: 750 ml, Gladstone's Worst Table, More Pinkberry, Terroni Buzz, and MORE!

SOUTH PASADENA—There was a mention in yesterday's LA Times that Steven Arroyo's new French wine bar/bistro, 750 ml, will open this weekend. We just went by the space and noticed paint cans on the sidewalks, workers washing down tables, and some installation still going on. The head worker bee told us it will open "hopefully next week." [EaterWire; LAT]

MALIBU—Providence isn't the only restaurant offering a deal for diners who sit in the worst seat in the house. At Gladstone's, if you request "the worst table in the house" you'll get 30% of your meal. If you're seated there because no other tables are available, you get a complimentary piece of cake. Remember folks, we want to hear about your experience with LA's worst tables. [EaterWire Inbox]

BRENTWOODThe Pinkberry invasion continues: "Coming soon to what used to be the Terra building (furniture store, previous to that, flower place) across from Starbucks at Barrington near San Vicente." [EaterWire Inbox]

MID-CITY/BEVERLY BLVD.—Now that Parc is open, Shereen Arazm is talking about her next project, Terroni: "In Canada [where I am from] this is where I had my first service industry job. I was 18 and the people who owned it were in their early 20s. I made the coffee, washed the dishes, bussed tables." Terroni opens this summer. []

SILVER LAKE—Grace's former pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind is one of the owners of Reservoir, which is taking over the former Netty's spot. [Chowhound]