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The Dish: Hadaka Sushi Opens This Weekend

The feng shui expert said to open on March 25, so Hadaka, the "naughty sushi" spot, will open on Sunday. Taking over the former Wacky Waffles hut on Sunset Boulevard, you can't miss the building: It looks like a Swedish cottage in Hobbit land with bright pink neon lights on the patio. Hard to ignore. Inside, it's more like a brothel/speakeasy than a traditional sushi restaurant; then again, there's nothing quite traditional about the sushi, either. The only thing suggestive about this place is the half-nude paintings on the walls and an "Adults Only" neon sign; gauzy curtains and floor pillows abound. After that, it's completely overt. The menu---segmented into Foreplay, Fallatio, Copulation, and Toys & Props---features things like Nice Rack, MILF, and Well Hung (take a peek here). Servers wear uniforms looking somewhere between Deadwood brothel and the Pussycat Dolls, but at least they're clothed, unlike the naked women used as serving trays at the opening party. We expect many bachelor parties in Hadaka's future.

The dining room

Pillow seating, anyone?