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Eater Starwatch: Brad Pitt at Lucy's, Vince Vaughn at Katsu-Ya, Sanjaya at Eat Well, and MORE!

It's time for another rousing round of Eater Starwatch, a look at who's noshing where this week. Hell, celebrities need to eat---even if they pretend to---and we like watching them. See a starlet stuff her face? The tip lines are open.

WINSTON'S: Eater spies saw Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg holding court in the middle of the industry-favorite Santa Monica Boulevard bar Wednesday night. Everyone around them danced and chatted, but the two looked bored until a blonde friend in some sort of Heidi-esque outfit sat down at their table. [Starwatch]

LUCY'S EL ADOBE: You never know who you'll stumble into this Hollywood hideaway across from the Paramount lot. But spotting Brad Pitt and a few suits at lunch last week is a keeper. [Defamer]

KATSU-YA: Vince Vaughn was snapped with fists in air at the Studio City sushi spot, supposedly ranting and raving about life, loss, love. On the day after St. Patrick's Day, a less ranty Neil Patrick Harris was spotted. [Celebitchy; Defamer]

EAT WELL: The bane of our American Idol existence, Sanjaya Malakar, noshed on chicken pesto at the Beverly Boulevard café recently. [Planet Gossip]

ORSO: A very preggers Jaime Pressly and a few gal pals had lunch a few tables away from Maria Bello. [Planet Gossip]

BLD: Dexter and Six Feet Under star Michael C. Hall was spotted at dinner recently, while Mean Girls starlet Lacey Chabert was at the bar. [Planet Gossip]

DUSTY'S: Entourage star Adrian Grenier and a group of friends partied at the Silver Lake eatery on St. Patrick's Day. [Defamer]

CAMPANILE: Rapper/actor Common had a dinner date on March 19, drinking tea throughout the meal. [Defamer]