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The Myers' Empire: More Boule Opening This Summer

Late last week we recieved a couple calls about the new Boule signage seen near the David and Michelle Myers' Sona/Boule empire on La Cienega Boulevard. What started as a trickle of information ("What's this Atelier place I see near Boule? There are huge pictures hanging in the windows of two of the spaces.") turned into some serious, albeit somewhat incorrect, intel. Casually shopping for some goodies, a sales person told a reader that the bakery would be relocating two doors down, and a casual French resto would open in the old Boule space. For good measure, the sales person---obviously spinning in an uncontrolled chocolate high---said that David Myers' new brasserie Comme Ca wasn't going to be French at all, but now Italian. Whaah? Because we know those giant Boule Atelier windows will garner more interest, because we don't want anyone to think David has changed his mind again, we got to the bottom of it all.

One of the Myers' set the record straight (we don't know which one, it was sent via the publicist):

We will be opening the Boule Atelier two doors down from the present Boule boutique during the summer of 2007. The Atelier will be a production facility for all of our artisanal pastry, ice cream and chocolate making as well as bread baking. It will be exposed to the Boule boutique up front, with large windows for the customer to view our pastry chefs and chocolate makers at work. The Atelier will have a long counter and stools along the front widow, looking out, with table and chairs outside along the building. We will be serving all of our present Boule products as well as viennoiserie in the morning, and tartine sandwiches and beverages for lunch. There will also be the same assortment of retail products that we carry in the Boule boutique at the present time. The brasserie [Comme Ca] will be opening in the summer of 2007 at a different location [on Melrose]. We are NOT opening a French restaurant where the Boule boutique is presently located.
So, we have a new Boule space near the old Boule space, and the brasserie still opening on Melrose. Both coming this summer. Got it? Good.
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