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EaterWire: Larkin's Redefines the Soft Open, Intel from Montana Ave., Roman's Closed, and MORE!

EAGLE ROCK Newcomer soul-food joint Larkin's redefines what a soft opening really is. From the LAT, "The place is not officially open, but as with speak-easies that admitted customers who knew the password, Larkin's offers "tastings" if you check in online." Those "tastings" have been going in since January. [LAT, via Eating L.A.]

SANTA MONICA Now that our Montana Avenue spy popped open the Yu Restaurant/Montana Lounge mystery, he's moved on to more activity: "They are finally working on the old Diedrich's spot on Lincoln and Montana. Once completed there will be three Starbucks within a block (if you count the one in Pavillions)! There is a space for lease next to Supmoni's which would be a perfect spot for #4." If you like Starbucks, that is. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD A reader sends in an apathetic note about something we know nothing about: "Not that anyone outside the boundaries of La Brea and Fairfax would care, but apparently Roman’s on Sunset, at the site of the infamous Rock & Roll Denny’s is permanently closed. At least that’s what the sign on the door said." A call to the Sherman Oaks location confirms that the Hollywood location closed on Thursday. [EaterWire Inbox]

SANTA MONICA Can anything preclude the Deathwatch? Someone suggests a DOA Watch: "You know, places that aren't even open but are doomed anyway? I nominate the new Alain Giraud/Falcon bistro. Once he gets a load of how those boys operate he'll wish he was back with Joe Pytka. OK - almost..." It does seem an odd combo, but you never know. [EaterWire Inbox]