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BataliWatch '07: Both Mozzas Featured on Chefography

In the Food Network's recent Chefography episode on big guy Mario Batali, you come to learn all about the orange-clogged chef---culinary school dropout, traveler, Italy, Spain, New York restaurants---but we only really care about what he says about LA. After getting a glimpse into the construction of both Mozza spaces, it becomes abundantly clear that he's really the wallet behind the operation, especially when he says things like, "Did I buy this floor or was it already here?" And Nancy Silverton is simply referred to his "secret weapon." Um, yeah, the secret weapon that's been working the pizza counter since day one. We do come across a few tidbits about Osteria Mozza: Mario wants high tables in the bar area ("Will Los Angelenos stand in a bar and eat?"), and it's said the restaurant will open this spring. Last we heard, it's coming in May.
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