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EXCLUSIVE: AsiaLA Coming to Hollywood

In more Hollywood news: We just got off the phone with Skip Young, partner in San Francisco's fun and fabulous AsiaSF restaurant and nightclub, home of "three-star dining and gender illusionists." Young tells us that if everything goes as planned, AsiaLA will make its debut at 1600 N. Argyle (corner of Argyle and Selma) this fall. Once home to the China Club, the 9,000-square-foot space will have two floors, one the main dining room, the other more loungey; expect lots of reds and some sort of dragon motif. Executive chef Matt Metcalf will oversee the menu, probably similar to the NoCal one: grilled shrimp and herb salad, blackened tuna sashimi, truffled soba noodles. The girls---never utter the words "drag queen" at Asia---serve and entertain nightly. Young says he and co-founder Larry Hashbarger have been trying to bring the concept to LA for at least five years, but the time and space finally presented itself. When finished, the W Hotel will be a block away, and the Pantages is right around the corner. Boutique hotel hipsters, Walk of Fame tourists, The Lion King, and "gender illusionists." Damn, we love Hollywood.