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Lucky Devils Closed?

We're not sure which is the bigger disservice here: The factual inconsistencies of Citysearch or the blatant gestapo tactics of Chowhound. Perusing the boards late last night, we spotted a post from blogger H.C. (LA & OC Foodventures) who wondered if Lucky Devils, the Hollywood burger joint owned by hunky model/actor Lucky Vanuous, was still open because Citysearch has a big fat CLOSED on the listing. It was late; we made a mental note to check in the morning.

In an unshocking turn of events, the Chowhound post has been deleted. Why? Do the CH mods hate the foodblogger? No...H.C. posts frequently. There are plenty of other reviews about Lucky Devils, so it's not that. Are they protecting Citysearch because it's completely wrong? Perhaps. We called the restaurant this morning---Lucky Devils is totally and completely open, late nights on the weekends, and even serving brunch now, we hear. What do they have against Lucky's anyway? That one's for you, H.C. Have a shake for us.
· Lucky Devil's--CLOSED [Citysearch]