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Eater's Journal: Parc

Remember BlackSteel? Yeah, neither do we. It was open, got some odd press for Pamela Anderson being involved (she supposedly wasn't), then *poof* closed. We saw pictures---there was lots of black, red, kinda sexy. It was owned by Chef J, a "personal chef to the stars." What a difference a woman's touch makes. Now as Parc, from Shag owner Shereen Arazm, the resto-lounge has nice light air to it, kind of swanky with an edge, cool as the cucumber cocktails they serve.

When we arrived for an 8pm ressie the other night, only a few tables were full. A couple here, a few girlfirneds there. Although his restaurant tanked, Chef J stayed on with Parc and created a lounge-friendly menu. That means lots of appetizers. It's not earth-shattering cuisine, but everything we tried was pretty tasty: Artichoke and boursin cheese croquettes, crispy duck spring rolls, two tiny marinated lamb chops. Yes, these are "small plates," but the portions here are kind of , um, small. Not a place for gorging on a four-course meal, but lingering over a few noshes felt just right. An Eater reader found out the hard way: Make sure to tell the server that you want things spaced out or it will come all at once. We did, and it was fine.

This really isn't an ultra lounge, but we're told tables get reserved for bottle service after 10pm. We would rather be in adjacent the bar at that point anyway. Because A-list promoter Pantera Sarah is a partner, and Arazm is one of The Dolce Group's main investors, the full celebrity brigade will undoubtedly hole up here. If the thought of that irks you, this is time to check it out; it's only going to get busier. Our only real complaint is the $12 valet. $12? Maybe we don't get to Hollywood enough, but that's freakin outrageous.
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