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Passing the Torch at Xiomara

We got in touch with the new owners of Pasadena's Cuban mainstay Xiomara, which we mentioned was sold last week. Phil and Carmen Castaneda, he an entertainment exec, she a mother of 8-year-old triplets, bought the space from Xiomara Ardolina and hope to turn it into a more stylish, less expensive, contemporary Cuban spot by the fall. The Castanedas aren't restaurateurs, but they are Cuban and big fans of Ardolina. When she was ready to get out of the Pasadena game, the couple jumped on the chance to have their own place. They'll close the restaurant after April 15 for a brief nip and tuck ("I can't wait to get rid of those mirrors on the walls."), to hopefully reopen by April 18. The name Xiomara will stay for now, but the menu will be more streamlined, the same chef is sticking around, and, yes, the mojitos aren't going anywhere. In August, the restaurant will close for a couple months for a complete overhaul—new décor, new windows that slide open, new furniture. The name will change, too, but it's still undecided.
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