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The Yogurt Wars Part III: Pinkberry Continues Onslaught, Yogurtpia Coming, and MORE

The slippery, sticky, oozy bandwagon that is froyo just keeps chugging along. The sheer magnitude of Korean-inspired "real yogurt" shops dwarfs the 80's TCBY trend, not to mention all the others that continue. to. open. Today, we have some breaking developments on the frozen treat front:

PINKBERRY: The Godzilla of frozen desserts can not be stopped! Pinkberry opened a new location in Long Beach this week, with another on the way. We also get reminded by a reader that Little Tokyo is eyed for the next invasion: "As I was walking back to my car today, I saw a big green sign that said "Pinkberry coming soon." I would have taken a picture, but my hands were full with a tub of the delicious Fiore fro-yo (no joke). It's directly across from the Japanese Village Plaza, and down the street from the new fancy-shmancy Hiakri lofts, and, of course, spitting distance from Fiore." Sounds like Starbucks' crush-the-little-man tactics. [Chowhound; EaterWire Inbox]

YOGURTPIA: There's something unsettling about the name, but even more so, this reader's description: "I noticed last night the the Mrs. Fields (in West Hollywood) closed down and is being replaced by a Pinkberry knockoff called, I believe, Yogurtpia. The "Y" has a strawberry nestled in the crack and the artwork features a smiling Asian person happily eating some frozen yogurt." His description isn't unsettling, per se, it's the logo. Does this mean only those of Asian descent will enjoy? [EaterWire Inbox]

M CAFE DE CHAYA: In the healthy-food news department, vegan-happy M Cafe has announced plans for an organic, no refined sugar, non-dairy frozen treat called M Lato. The first flavor, black sesame, will debut this summer. [EaterWire Inbox]

To further illustrate the froyo onslaught: Instead of listing all the times we've mentioned a new Pinkberry store in this town, we'll just leave this, which links to all the times we've mentioned it.
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