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Plywood Report: Salades de Provence, Fraiche, Foundry on Melrose, Bastide, Abode, and MORE

We've been dropping breadcrumbs about several spring restaurant debuts, but the days are getting longer and many projected March opening dates have passed. So let's touch base with some of the most anticipated. In addition to May flowers, what else do April showers—or, in our case, dry desert April air—bring? Restaurant tips. Plant them here.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: FOE Food Marathon sent the above pic in: "In the spot formerly inhabited by Empanada's Place (and the very short-lived Faby's), there's a new restaurant opening called Salades de Provence. Looks like it could be more inspired than the ultra-generic and oddly-named Faby's. Another reader sent word also and adds, "That spot seems to be doomed, so I question if it'll last very long." 1040 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood. [PLYWOOD]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Everyone's anticipating the re-opening of Bastide, which was slated for a hard April 15, but now we're told the project is at least a month behind. That's been the story for what, a year? Hope the new chef Walter Manzke doesn't go the way of previous chef Ludo Lefebvre. [PLYWOOD]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We know New York import One Sunset is set to open in the former Barfly space, the question is when. One of the owners, Erica Cohen, previously told us March. Now that they've signed local PR (Wagstaff Worldwide), it's harder to nail down a date. We literally got the zipper-across-the-mouth move last time we asked. But we have our ways: Word is the loungeaurant (yes, we're coining that) will probably open mid-April. [PLYWOOD]

HOLLYWOOD: Eric Greenspan's Foundry on Melrose will spring sometime this April. Last we spoke to him, construction was moving along nicely; the floors were being brought in and he's already training staff. He doesn't want to give hard dates anymore (he previously said April 1, but that's not happening), but he thinks mid-month. [PLYWOOD]

CULVER CITY: We finally pried more deets from Jason Travi about his upcoming Culver City spot, Fraiche: "We're shooting for the first week of April. We'll be serving rustic French and Italian food with a reasonable wine list pertaining to mostly local, Italian and French labels. We have a full bar and plan on keeping it open late for the post-theater crowd." We're pretty sure Thierry Perez, who's been on the scene for years, is also involved with this one. [PLYWOOD]

SANTA MONICA: Back in January, a reader snapped some pics of a new bakery under construction in his neighborhood. We got some details about Vanilla Bake Shop from Amy, the owner: Opening in mid-April, give or take a few days; the shope will specialize in "classic and couture" layer cakes, along with cupcakes and old-fashioned icebox desserts like dirt cake and triple berry shortcake; all made from scratch. Amy started out with a dessert catering company called Amy's Baby Cakes, but she felt that it's time to expand. "My husband and I named Vanilla after our favorite flavor. I've been tweaking my vanilla frosting for years... I think I finally got it right."