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EaterWire: Romanov's New Date, Iron Chef America at Noe, Martinis with Sin City's Mayor

· Romanov didn't open, even softly, as it was supposed to last week. However, the new official word is this Saturday March 10. But look at it! It looks so?soo?churchly. [EaterWire Inbox]

· Chef Robert Gadsby, exec of Noe at at downtown's Omni Hotel made an appearance on Iron Chef America last night, but he lost to Batali. Batali (fists pumping in the air)!! The secret ingredient—mango—was right up Gadsby's alley too; he uses it on a regular basis, but judge how well for yourself: The Iron Chef menu that he prepared is available at Noe until Wednesday. Who's to say it would taste as good without The Chairman doing his cartwheels, Batali wiping his sweaty brow, and looker Andrew Knowlton (judge from Bon Appetit) on the panel? [EaterWire Inbox]

· Anyone who knows this editor knows that the Las Vegas mayor is a public official after her own heart: "Oscar B. Goodman, likes his martinis made with a big cup of gin, on the rocks and a couple of garlic-stuffed olives. Vermouth need not apply, and don’t even talk to him about vodka." It's the picture on the article that really wins us over. [NYT]