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Name That Venue: Is Il Cielo LA's Most Romantic Resto?

Name That Venue is about noticing what restaurants are on the real estate market. Our interest is piqued when it sounds like something that's still open and popular, but for those two reasons---and probably many more---sellers often want to remain anonymous. We can't always confirm the restaurant, but by combining your responses and our own investigative legwork, we think we can figure it out. But it's all conjecture and rumor, which is half the fun. Discuss.

This should've been revealed last week, but we forgot. Sorry. So here goes: We got a slew of responses for this one, with most guessing Il Cielo as the restaurant at hand. In Trump-like hyperbole, one official listing mentions everything, including the kitchen sink, as a selling point:

This Greater Beverly Hills area restaurant has likely ranked as Los Angeles s most romantic destination for more years during the 20th Century than any other. The surprising location in one of Los Angeles s most exclusive destinations, and its high income area has made this restaurant s serene setting an "A-list" celebrity favorite and a wedding reception hot spot for the better part of the twentieth century. This opportunity is being offered for the first time in over 30 years. This restaurants ultra unique location ensures that no competitor could offer a similar setting within miles.
So successful for so many years. Why the sale? The listing says retirement. Il Cielo is a unique BH setting, there are plenty of patios, and it hosts a slew of weddings and events. We'll go with the flow and say it's Il Cielo. Owner Pasquale Vericella bought the place in 1986; before that, it was En Brochette.

Other people suggested Four Oaks, which has been empty since it closed in 2005. Good guess, but we figure if the restaurant is out of business, it wouldn't be so anonymously listed.
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