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Ketchup Slowwwly Pouring Out

In light of this news yesterday, we couldn't help but snap this on our way through WeHo last night. With a soft opening mere days away, we thought for sure there would be people milling about the Dolce Group's new restaurant, lights on, setting up, something, anything. But no, nothing, nada, zilch. Doors were closed tight, place was devoid of any movement, mailers strewn on entryway floor. Through the darkness we saw red orb light fixtures dangling from the ceilings, reddish-orange accents set against shockingly white walls and furniture, a Hollywood-invested nod to the American diner. Ruby's with a little Ashton Kutcher thrown in. We get it. Still, the name speaks more to the color scheme vs. what we'll see on the plate. And we're not interested in eating a plate of ketchup unless it's next to a pile of the most delicious fries we've ever tasted. After stopping in Caffe Primo downstairs, the counter guy literally gaffawed when we asked when the upstairs neighbor was opening. Then he mumbled something about licensing problems and scooped our crushed almond and fig gelato into a bowl.

UPDATE: Dolce Group publicist Marissa Knies swears the restaurant is not opening this week. Mmmhmmm...
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