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EaterWire: Inside Apple Pan, Il Capriccio Pizzeria Open, Gordon Ramsay's Chefs on Notice

WEST LA—Serious Eats has a video of the Apple Pan featuring Charles Collins, a 50-year employee of the burger institution. Of his boss keeping the Pan open, Collins says, "He said if he sold it, he'd put 13 men out of work, and he didn't want to do that. He want to leave it like it is." We've never seen so many empty seats at the diner. Ever. [Serious Eats]

LOS FELIZ—The LA pizza landscape isn't stopping at Mozza. The owners of Il Capriccio in Los Feliz opened a wood-fire pizza joint at today. (4518 Hollywood Boulevard, 323.644.9760). They posted pics of the first test pies on Flickr last week, found by Erin's Kitchen. Looks damn good. [Erin's Kitchen]

BEVERLY HILLS—The opening chef de cuisine at Gordon Ramsay's eponymous restaurant in New York's London Hotel was booted today. The restaurant only opened three months ago, but got lukewarm reviews from the NYT and NY Magazine. The exit seems dramatic, even more so because chef Neil Ferguson has worked with Ramsay since 2000. Much like his TV personality, the man has no time to dawdle. Note to chef opening Ramsay's LA outpost later this year: Start quivering. Now. [Eater NY]