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Montana Lounge: Good Drinks, So-So Food, Bad Uniforms, but Who's the Daddy?

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According to our readers--and not just our Montana Avenue spy---after transforming from Yu Restaurant, Montana Lounge is in full swing.. Today we received a note that "the drinks are good, the vibe is good (although I predict it will soon not be) and the food was bad," but it's her comments on the uniforms that caught our eye. From her Yelp review:

The outfits all the female bartenders and servers wear?? now that's something to talk about. trina turk meets tori burch. how you get all that ass in dem' jeanzzz? are there panties underneath? MICRO-mini dresses circa Audrey h.
She actually likes them. The other Yelper, not so much:
They get negative points for the TERRIBLE outfits the poor cocktail waitresses have to wear. They are SO short and trashy. If they only put on some leggings and flats under their way too short dress/shirts it would be really cute and classy.
Someone has to snap and send a picture of these said "uniforms" so we can give the a full-on Fug-inspired review.

In more ML news, Caroline on Crack says the Hillston Restaurant Group (Houston's, Bandera, Gulfstream) actually owns the property, not SBE. But in March, Sam Nazarian's people confirmed to us that the lounge is SBE's, but that it "will turn into something else" in a few months. Nazarian's name is still on the ABC license, but it's a temporary (expires in December). Montana Lounge isn't listed on the SBE website. This is a rumor worth exploring. Maybe we need a DNA test to find out the true owner. If someone out there has the deets, fill us in.
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