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Larkin's Not Opening This Week

It's tough for a restaurant to assure an open date when there's lots of sticky red tape to cut through. Such is the fate of Larkin's, which has to postpone its Friday, April 13 debut. We just recieved this week's newsletter from the owners:

We tried to get everything done, but as you know or don't know we are at the mercy of others. We have muscled through our preliminary inspections. Our contractors are working on the corrections this week, but we still need final inspections and a final visit from the health dept. After that we open. So that said we don't think this week is enough time to get all of that done... We will keep you posted on our new opening date (very possibly next week).
Very patiently, the Eagle Rock resto is still offering weekend "tastings." Reservations available for newsletter subscribers only; more info on that here.
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