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Eater Does Vegas: Eric Klein Back With Puck

Every now and then we'll dish from Las Vegas because it's so close, we Angelenos go fairly often, and there's plenty of good eating---and gossip---to keep tabs on. Not everything that happens in Vegas has to stay there, you know. Got a tip? Roll it here.

We found this juicy little tidbit yesterday: Former Maple Drive chef Eric Klein, who we ran into at Fix at the Bellagio a few months ago, has been named executive chef at Spago in the Forum Shops at Caesar's. In a semi-full circle, Klein worked for Puck at Spago Beverly Hills before he went to helm Maple Drive, then he moved to Vegas for an offer he couldn't refuse---to open SW Steakhouse at the Wynn. After that didn't fizzled, he found the gig with the Light Group. Last time we spoke, Klein sounded hopeful to come back to LA to do his own thing, but we suppose going back to his early mentor's Vegas outpost is just as good. It's just a few smoked salmon pizzas shy of LA.
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