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Eater StarWatch: Adrian Grenier at Alcove, Courteney Cox at Il Sole, Christina Ricci at the Grove, and MORE!

Here we have another heaping helping of the StarWatch where we unmask celebrities for the eaters they really are. This week: The one spot most likely to spot a Friend. See a starlet stuff her face...or pretend to? We know you wanna just gotta tell someone. So let's hear it.

ALCOVE CAFE & BAKERY: The patio at this little café is becoming The Ivy of Los Feliz. A readers sends word that he spotted Entourage kingpin Adrian Grenier yesterday around noon. "With a girl, and he was sitting right next to the street for maximum face. He looks more like a movie star in person than on TV." Maybe he thinks he's a bigger movie star than he plays on TV? [Starwatch Inbox]

MARMALADE CAFÉ: Last Friday afternoon, the petite Christina Ricci was spotted with a friend noshing at this Grove restaurant. No moaning involved. [Defamer]

IL SOLE: Like an extension of her own kitchen, Courteney Cox was again at the Sunset Strip Italian eatery, this time with Jennifer Meyer, Tobey Maguire's GF. The same night Keanu Reeves and Lisa Marie Presley were also in the house. [People]

MOZZA: It's the hardest table to get in town, and even fringe celebrities have to dine in the 5:30 or 11pm timeslots. Last Saturday around 11pm, "Before Sunrise" beauty Julie Delpy and friends got a seat at the bar. Later, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello got a table. [Defamer]

STARBUCKS: The Trancas Market Starbucks has its fair share of celebrity clientele, to be sure. Last week, Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw were in for non-fat something or other. [Defamer]

ALLEGRIA: Another Malibu regular, Adam Sandler, dined with his cute kid and wife Jackie. He sounds like a fun dad, doing the whole food-as-airplane bit, etc. [People]

IVY AT THE SHORE: It's not always overrun with tourists hoping to spy a celeb but can't make it to the original. "Wedding Crashers" Isla Fisher and friends having brunch last Saturday. "She's teensy, but definitely looks pregnant!" [Defamer]