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Frozen Yogurt Wars Part V: Yogotango Opening Soon

Not to be confused with indie rock darlings Yo La Tengo, a reader sends word (and pics) that more froyo joins the party: "Since you're addicted to Dingleberry and it's spawn I thought you would need to know that we will soon have Yogotango (hey, maybe I fucked up and it's not yogurt after all but a dance/fitness studio) on the corner of Highland and Fountain next to the Autozone." No, looks like more. frozen yogurt. to us. Save us. Please.

In Pinkberry news, the Silver Lake location (only one mile away from the Los Feliz location) is rumored to open by June, and the Pasadena location was still boarded up pink when we drove by last week. Other locations in the works include the Farmers Market at the Grove and one in Brentwood.
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