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Plywood Special Report: One Sunset's Final Phases

We've been reporting on One Sunset for some time now, and things are finally happening for the NYC import. They were very courteously hiring last week, which could only mean one thing: Opening. But here we have a reader's phone cam pics, and it still looks very, very?unfinished.


Don't let the white walls and empty space fool you, however; carpet, paint and furniture can be placed pretty darn fast in the final phases of construction. One Sunset could still open next week, you never know. Oh, but how looking into these picture is like looking into a crystal ball. The current "no entry" sign on the door is most certainly an omen of things to come---this was once Barfly, after all, where Brad and Jen were caught in pre-marital smooching. The Daily Candy email is sure to make the rounds: "One Singular Sensation: What happens when owners of one of NYC's Meatpacking hot spots takes to the Strip? One Sunset, that's what?" The celeb and hangers-on crowd will move en masse from Les Deux or Parc, if only to try it on for size. TMZ's cameraman will antagonize Woody Harrelson out front. Britney will flash something. Lindsay will stumble. Paris will crash a car. One will be splashed across every paparazzi site and weekly mag for months? (end dream sequence squiggles) Wha...wha happened? Oh... sorry...we got caught up in the DJ-driven-restaurant-lounge-celebrity-magnet vortex. Sincerest apologies. So, um, we'll keep you posted on One Sunset's opening date.
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