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The Dish: Abode Opens Tonight, 3 Squared Open for Dinner, New Pinkberry, and MORE

Welcome to a mini Dish, the time and place for openings around town. Know something we don't? We're all ears.

SANTA MONICA: One reader is simply beside her/himself that Abode opens tonight. "Have reservation. Can't wait. It's soooo beautiful & food will be fantastic with chef Crenn!!!" Ok, a little shill-y, but it is a nice space. The restaurant opens for lunch beginning Monday and brunch starts April 28. OpenTable it here [EaterWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN/CHINATOWN: Who can have enough pizza? The Los Angeles Pizza Company has opened on Figeuroa, just north of Sunset, near the BBQ King. One Hound is ecstatic. "Thin crust, tangy sauce, good cheese texture. Salad was great, too. Kinda fancy with pine nuts and goat cheese but they got it right." (712 N. Figueroa) [Chowhound]

VENICE: Hans Rockenwagner's new 3 Squared Bakery is now open for dinner Tuesday through Saturdays. Pretzel burgers, spaetzel, white asparagus, some of the chef's hallmarks. [Chowhound]

ROLLING HILLS: We know very little about this South Bay suburb, but we do know it just got a Pinkberry at 27 Peninsula Center (310.544.2182). [EaterWire Inbox]