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Sex Sells at Hadaka Sushi

Local blogger Eddie Lin at Deep End Dining went from naked sushi videographer to naked sushi scribe: He writes about Hadaka Sushi's opening party in the New York Times today. While nyotaimori, the Japanese word for body sushi, isn't necessarily new (even in LA, Gary Arabia's Global Cuisine catering company has been doing it for years), it is new to the Sunset Strip:

Hadaka’s executive chef and owner, Edward Brik, said he designed Hadaka to compete against not just other sushi purveyors in Los Angeles but also the other offerings on Sunset Boulevard. “Sex sells, especially on the Strip,” Mr. Brik said.
And we still wonder why Norman's didn't succeed on the Sunset Strip? Everyone needs a gimmick we suppose, but so far, only the publicist for the restaurant has told us that the food is really really good (we're yet to try it ourselves?as soon as we can get our bearings together to order up a plate of MILF, we're there). We thought the body sushi was just an opening night tease, but it's available anytime by special request, and it's not just naked girls anymore---getting nude male models is in the works. Insert serving utensil joke here.
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