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Become a Restaurant Investor: We Take Paypal

A friend just forwarded something to us, and we're not really sure what to make of it. Here's the gist: A couple of young entrepreneurs want to open Fresh180, a healthy fast-food restaurant that they brainstormed about in business class; they set up a website that says little about the actual concept or food, just that it will somehow be healthy and will attract children; there's no real explanation of menu, location, or design. But they're asking for "donations" to help get the concept off the ground:

Please take a look at our website. If you believe in our cause and want to see our restaurant open its doors in 2008, please donate. Every little donation helps us make this restaurant a reality. You can donate by clicking on the button below.
Naturally, like any good commerce should in this day and age, the button takes you to PayPal. We're all for new restaurant concepts and, heck, we know a whole lot about not having the money to make a dream reality (if life was fair, we would be living in a villa overlooking the Mediterranean by now). We love the idea of healthy fast food and cutting the super high obesity rates, especially in children. But taking "donations" seems a bit naive, almost enough to wipe out any credibility the idea had to begin with. But what do we know---it could be the most brilliant investor-money making scheme ever. We wish the girls at Fresh180 all the luck.
· Fresh180 [Official Site]