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CPK Guys on to Next World Domination: LA Food Show Coming to BH

BEVERLY HILLS: A tipster sends word that signage for LA Food Show is up at the former RJ's Ribs on Beverly Drive (just north of Wilshire). Besides having one of the worst restaurant names ever, LA Food Show is the brainchild of CPK founders, Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield; the first outpost opened in Manhattan Beach in 2003. Here's how they describe it on the website:

The spirit of invention and cross-culture experimentation is at the heart of LA Food Show. From Szechwan Orange Lettuce Wraps to Chicken Milanese, our constant commitment is to deliver a new, fresh, fun family dining experience each and every time.
So basically, it's like a buffet but you order off of a menu, and you can get liquored up on cocktails. According to the site, the Beverly Hills location will open in 2008.