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Waiters and Waitresses Invited to See "Waitress"

Who says being a server in this town doesn't have its, um, perks. Local waiters and waitresses have been invited to a special server-only screening of Keri Russel's new movie, "Waitress," on Monday, April 23. Wear your server uniform, and you'll be entered to win a spa package and other gifts. Everyone knows there's nothing a server loves more than wearing their uniform outside of work, especially while watching a movie about waitressing.

Coincidentally, this invitation was sent from the LA Weekly office in celebration of Jonathan Gold's Pulitzer (it was sent to someone else who forwarded it to Eater). Not sure of the tie-in, but there you have it. We're all a part of one giant take-out box, aren't we?

Click here for the invitation and details.