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Century City Update: Summer Openings for Pink Taco, Pinkberry, Craft

The poor CAA and ICM agents are clamoring for a decent meal in the culinary wasteland that is Century City, but more options are on the horizon. These don't come close to the Grill or Mr. Chow's (well, except for Craft), but they're not plastic trays in the food court either.

PINK TACO: With the vulgar name, mediocre Mexican food and strong margaritas, Harry Morton's mini chain might not be the power lunch spot that Craft will be, but it has to be better than Fuddrucker's. Expect a June opening on the second floor of the mall, near the Container Store. In fact, we hear the restaurant is looking for staffers now.

PINKBERRY: The mall's token froyo shop will be located in front of Origins, near Aldo and Bebe, and should open by June. Although mall reps think construction delays might push it to late summer.

CRAFT: In our last bout with the ColicchioWatch '07, Craft was opening in late May in the CAA building. Then we heard mumbles of June. Now we hear July. The official word: Sometime this summer, Craft may or may not open.
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