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FW: Putting Menus Online

Sometimes an Eater just needs to get something off his or her chest, so let us be your sounding board. Enter the Eater Complaints Dept. where you can vent, vent, vent and never be kicked off the boards. Got something to say? Hit us with it.

From: Michael M.
Date: Friday, April 20, 2007
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Putting Menus Online

Your story on Romanov in Studio City brought up an issue that has been bothering me with several restaurants as of late.

Not everyone has the option to drive around or do research to found out if a restaurant is open or not, so we rely on the Internet to quickly find out. If a new restaurant opens, we want to know what kind of food is served before making the trek, so we look online for the menu instead of going to the restaurant only to be disappointed.

I can't tell you how many restaurants I wanted to go to that have opened and closed before an online menu ever appeared on their website.I really think restaurants are stupidly missing a wonderful opportunity to sell themselves and their food by providing and up-to-date and complete menu. And don't just say the name of the item, describe it in detail. Sell your food, don't leave us guessing. I won't drive 20 miles to take a chance.

When you go to a website like and you're greeted with a "coming soon" statement, what is the general public supposed to think? Well, I'll tell you what I think... I think that they're not open yet... Or they're ashamed of their menu.

Please tell the restaurants to publish their menus online.

Michael M.

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