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EaterWire: Intelligentsia Coffee Update, The Foundry Nears, Bistro K Sold, New Plans for Cinch

SILVER LAKE: It's been awhile since we brought the news of Intelligentsia Coffee moving into Sunset Junction. Time for an update. We spoke with Doug Zell, owner of the Chicago-based coffee/shop/roasting company, and he's holding his breath for a June/early July opening. A few more fun facts about the space: The café will have not one but two hoity-toity Clover machines, plus a patio with?wait for it?overhead spritzers. Ahhhhhh. Silver Lake in the summertime just got a little bit nicer. [EaterWire]

MELROSE DISTRICT: Eric GREENSPAN has cautiously stayed away from a hard opening date for The Foundry on Melrose. He keeps saying "soon"; we'll say any day now. A friend happened by the space last night and saw Greenspan milling about. "There was a band practicing?Eric said all systems are a go, he's just waiting on final permits." Any. Day. Now. [EaterWire Inbox]

SOUTH PASADENA: As of May 1, chef Laurent Quenioux will no longer own Bistro K. Quenioux sold the business and plans to open a new restaurant, possibly downtown. A true loss for South Pas. [Chowhound]

SANTA MONICA: We last heard that a Japanese company was taking over the former Cinch space on Wilshire Boulevard to open an "authentic tofu dining experience," but apparently those plans have been scrapped. A spy now tells us that something called The Parlor is in the works, but we have no idea what it is or when it's opening. Naturally, if you do, we're all ears. [EaterWire Inbox]